Welcome to my website

I have worked professionally as an actor and director since 1968.

My journey in theatre began when I joined an alternative theatre group called ‘The Christianshavn Group’. Two years later I entered the Fiolteatrets Acting School and graduated from there in 1974.

From 1974 through 1983 I was an active member of the theatre group, Banden (The Band), and together we built a permanent home for the theatre group in Odense, Denmark.

Hans Henrik Clemensen_4From 1983 until the present I have been working as a free-lance actor and director, and have performed and directed at innumerable Danish stages.
I have performed in around 150 theatrical productions, and around 75 films and TV series. In addition, I have had work in commercials; as well as teaching, role play (as a teaching medium) and as an audiobook narrator.

Last but not least, I have specialized in performing the unique narrative technique of the works of the Italian playwright and actor, Dario Fo.

50 years in the ’biz’ and the intrepidity for much more…